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When will Jesus come back?
In the book of Revelation, it sounds like the 144,000 that were sealed is the total number that will be saved. Tell me I'm wrong, please.
Does it list in revelations that one of the end time signs will be a loaf of bread costing $20?
What is your interpretation of the phrase in Revelations(?) that states..."The dead in Christ shall rise first?
In Revelations, the book tells about 7 headed dragons and beasts, horse men, etc. Are those real monsters like an actual science fiction movie come to life? What were the 7 plagues of judgement that was in the scrolls?
What are the seven signs that our world is coming to an end?
1. Is there a headless horseman mentioned in the Bible, maybe in Revelations?
2. Where is information of the rapture in the Bible?
Does the devil know now that he will lose and will be thrown into the lake of fire or does he think he will win over God?
Why does God protect the Jews in the end times even through they haven't all accepted Christ? Do you have an answer?
In this year of 2006, can you honestly give me an answer as to which seal we are on?
What are your thoughts and what does the Bible actually say about 06-06-06?
Ezekiel 37: Does the reference to the vision of dry bones refer to the whole house of Isreal being saved in other words will all of their eyes be opened to except Christ as their Messiah?
Someone asked me if I were set aside for the End Times - what does this mean?
Why is Jesus called our "bridegroom"?
Rapture: what are your thoughts on when it will be in the tribulation?
Where will the Holy Spirit be after the rapture?
What if my friend is drunk from alcohol when Jesus comes back?
How was the timing of Christ's birth determined? Do we know why He was born when He was?

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