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What is the difference between repentance and remorse?
The Seven Deadly Sins, where are they found in the Bible?
Do you believe you can lose your salvation?
I would like to know what is the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit and can you ever be forgiven from committing this transgression?
Can blasphemy of the Holy Spirit take place today?
What is the unpardonable sin?
Is sexual promiscuity an illness or a sin?
Can you lose your salvation once you get it and backslide?
If you are a believer and feel that you have already earned your salvation can you continue to sin and continue to be forgiven if confess your sin?
Today, after the sacrifice of Christ, we can be saved and saved eternally. Prior to the sacrifice of Christ were people in the Old Testament saved permanently. If so, why did they continually have to offer sacrifices for their sins?
I would like to know whether part-taking of the "holy communion" is meant for both christians as well as for non-believers. If is not for non-believers, what will happen after taking it?
If God told a person that he is still with them, does it mean that he has forgiven a person of all their sins?
Cain's Offering
I am worried I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit.
Born of the Spirit? John 3:5
Do you need to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit to be saved and go to Heaven?
Does God save us if we truly believe in his son, Jesus Christ?
In the Bible one of the commandments are "Thou Shall Not Kill." My question is, if you kill someone, do you still think that you can go to Heaven, even if you ask God forgiveness.?

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