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Did Judas have a choice about what he did to Jesus, or was he to be the one to fullfill the scriptures? Why did satan enter him?
Who Are You? What is Your Background and Doctrine?
Please help me to understand the difference between systematic theology and philosophical theology.
Many people have asked me are they supposed to go to church. I want to know do you have to go to church or can you just stay at home and read your bible and pray to God.
I have been told that the Catholic church uses the King James version of the Bible, but also has another book that has chapters that were supposed to have been taken out of the "original" King James version. Is this true?
Are material things included in Gods promise of blessings and abundance? Many of my Christian brothers and sisters believe that their material prosperity is from God. They believe he has blessed them with abundance and it is proof of their salvation.
What scripture in the Bible says you must be a member of a church? What scripture in the Bible says you must give 10% of your income to the church?
What does the Word say about Capital Punishement?
Can you please tell me what biblical canonisation is?
MARK 11:12-26 The Fig Tree Withers: What did the fig tree represent? Why did it wither and what is the significance of it's withering? What is the importance of the fig tree in leaf?
Is there anywhere in the bible where it says it is ok for women to be pastors. In 1Timothy 2:12 it says that women are NOT to teach to have authority over men: to what degree does this allow women to stand before the church and teach the Word?
At our Bible Study, last week, the question was asked, "Does the Bible say that God considers it a sin if we take an alcoholic drink, occassionally, to celebrate a special event?" Your help, please.
I would like to know if the book of Enoch false or is it of God.
A woman I know always says that, "God is talking to her." The way she explains it is like a two-way conversation between her and God. Can this be true?
Hi where in the BIBLE are the list of Jehovah Raphie shaman and all the rest?
Can someone who is divorced be ordained in ministry?
The catholic church believes in praying to the blessed virgin Mary and also to saints, Is there a place in the Bible that states that this is acceptable?
Does it say in the Old Testament somewhere "not to intermix ourselves but to remain with our own likeness?"
Who are the five major prophets in the Bible?
How do we know that Jesus was not married?
I need to find out how curses can be broken.
Rapture: what are your thoughts on when it will be in the tribulation?
Do babies go to heaven?
What age Issac was when Abraham took him to be sacrificed?
Why does God exist?
Under the new covenent "Not under the Law" we are saved by God's Grace. Under the old covenent "Old Testment" "Under the law" how were God's people saved?

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