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Where in the Bible does it talk about Lucifer as a fallen angel?
I'm trying to find where in the bible it mentions what Christians are taught about Satan/Lucifer thinking he was equal with God and where in Scripture it describes his casting out of heaven and taking the angels with him.
What is the difference between "soul" and "spirit"? Are they the same thing? Are the terms used interchangeably or is there a difference? Do animals have a soul? Thank you.
Why did lucifer rebelled against God? If God expelled lucifer, why did God still give power to satan ~ the power to deceive etc?
Are we punished for sins of our fathers and are there generational curses and can they be broken?
The other day I heard someone use the phrase: "I rebuke you Leviathan." Can you tell me where this name comes from and what it means?
My question is did Lucifer have another name when he was in Heaven before he got kicked out?
Where is it found that "the fight is between God & Satan" and that "the fight is not ours."
Can you give me some scriptures to prove that we have guardian Angels with us at all times?
I've always heard that when Satan was cast out of heaven, he took 1/3 of the angels with him. Does the Bible actually say how many went with him, and if so, where?
Hebrews 2:7 I'm having a hard time understanding where man is--Jesus is crowned with glory and with honor, etc., but where are we--mortal man, in this?

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