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Where does it say, do nothing from selfish ambition?
Where in the Old Testament can I find the passage where God told Moses to stand on a rock where the people can see him?
Where is scripture reference for "Jesus said I will go down" and the statement that "He was the only one worthy"?
Who is the man that fell at Peter's feet to worship but was instructed not to do so?
how many writers wrote the bible
how many days did noah stay in the ark
What is the difference biblically speaking of these three words: Sin,Transgression, Debt. They appear in Mathew 6:12 and 6:14 and since they are in separate verses, do they have different meanings?
What was the name of the fish that Jesus fed the 5000?
Did Judas leave the Passover Feast before or after drinking of the cup of the new testament? From the book of John it looks like he left immediatley after eating of the bread and did not drink of the cup.
Who was the Biblical king of Judea?
Why did Isaiah have "I am the Lord's" tatooed on his hand?
What does it mean that the Spirit gives birth to the Spirit, in John 3:6?
In 1 Samuel, what word means "the glory is departed from Israel"?
Where in the Bible can you find how to receive blessings from God and what you have to do to receive them?
I would like to know the Bible references to the earthquakes in The Old Testament.
In the begining when Cain kills Abel, then runs off and weds a wife. Where does the wife come from? There were only Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel...there was not mention of a woman other than Eve.
Why were Moses and Elijah the chosen ones at the transfiguration?
I am searching for the scripture passage that says something like this: If a man attacks a woman who is pregnant and the child in her womb dies, he should be put to death for murder, or he is guilty of murder.
Where in the Bible does it say "You should not keep secrets. Your answer should be yes or no."
Why was Saul's name changed to Paul?
Who was Micha's father and what did the fathers name mean?
Where and what does the bible talk about grey hair?
Does the Bible say that children are supposed to take care of their parents when they get old?
Can you tell me exactly why the scripture Luke 23:17 was omitted from the NIV bible. It seems to me as if it would be important to know that Pilate was oblgated by Roman law to release one person who the Jews wanted released on this day.
What does it mean when God says that we are the apple of His eye?
Does God know each star by name, and do the stars implode, explode, die or go away? I know according to science stars die, some say that Isaiah 40:26 says different. Can you help me understand this?
What does the bible say about body piercing or anything similiar?
Can you please shed some light on Genesis 6:3 where the Lord said "My Spirit shall not forever dwell and strive with man"?
Can you help me interpret Malachi 3:10?
Who ate a book and got indigestion?
Why did Jesus say, my God my God, why have you forsaken me?
In Daniel Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, did Nebuchadnezzar truly recognize the one true God?
Can you give me references on the responsibilities of parents?
Do you have information on Dorcus?
Where do you find the scripture pertaining to stirring up strife among the brethren?
Could you explain what "David's fallen tent" is in Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16?
How can you handle offences as a Christian?
Is there anywhere in the bible where it says it is ok for women to be pastors. In 1Timothy 2:12 it says that women are NOT to teach to have authority over men: to what degree does this allow women to stand before the church and teach the Word?
Why is the sixth hour so important when Jesus waited for the women at the well?
I would like to know if the book of Enoch false or is it of God.
Where is the scripture that states, "affliction shall not occur a second time"?
The other day I heard someone use the phrase: "I rebuke you Leviathan." Can you tell me where this name comes from and what it means?
Hi where in the BIBLE are the list of Jehovah Raphie shaman and all the rest?
In the plague of the firstborn, was every first born man and beast slain males only or did this plague also include females?
How long was Adam & Eve in the Garden before they sinned?
I was told that when Jesus was crucified he preached in hell until his resurrection. If this is true where can I find that in the Bible?
My question is, how did Paul feel about the people in Corinth that led him to writing 1 & 2 Corinthians?
What does Amen mean?
Why did God reject sacrifices in the old testament if they were unclean or touched by hands of the unclean (such as lepers etc.)?
If a widowed Christian man marries a divorced woman, is he committing adultery? If yes, does he have to leave that divorced woman in order to stop committing adultery?
Was the cross made of the dogwood tree? If so, where does it state this in the Bible?
What is the unpardonable sin?
Does god still call prophets?
Is sexual promiscuity an illness or a sin?
Where in the Bible does it talk about Paul and Barnibus?
Where can the word Easter be found in the Bible?
It being tax time and all I was wondering why Paul says that all authority is of God and his will. My mind won't let me believe that Hitler was doing God's will.
The catholic church believes in praying to the blessed virgin Mary and also to saints, Is there a place in the Bible that states that this is acceptable?
My question is did Lucifer have another name when he was in Heaven before he got kicked out?
Who was Gomer in the Bible?
Who washed Jesus' feet?
Where in the Bible do you find the story about Jesus' resurrection?
Where is it found that "the fight is between God & Satan" and that "the fight is not ours."
What is the meaning of the Jubilee Year?
What is the significance of the number nine in the Bible?
Did Judas go to heaven after he betrayed Jesus and then hung himself?
Does it say in the Old Testament somewhere "not to intermix ourselves but to remain with our own likeness?"
Where in the Old Testament does it say that all living things have a soul/spirit?
What does it mean exactly in the Bible where it says, "all things work together for good for those that love Him?"
why is it more powerful when two people pray together, or is it? I'm thinking of, "whenever two or more people agree in prayer, it will be done for them."
In Jeremiah 8:11 who is "the daughter of my people"?
I had a friend ask me what the Bible says on gambling and I could not seem to find scripture on this.
Can you give me some scriptures to prove that we have guardian Angels with us at all times?
How do we know that Jesus was not married?
Today, after the sacrifice of Christ, we can be saved and saved eternally. Prior to the sacrifice of Christ were people in the Old Testament saved permanently. If so, why did they continually have to offer sacrifices for their sins?
In outreach ministry – is it correct that the minister plants the seed and Christ does the watering which is the same as the increase?
What does "with fire" mean in the scripture of Luke 3:16?
Who was the runaway slave that asked for forgiveness in the Bible?
Who was the woman who poured the oil over Jesus' feet?
Did Judas love Jesus or was he always a devil?
Question: His father being Josiah, how is this Scripture explained - 2 Kings 23:32
What are your thoughts and what does the Bible actually say about 06-06-06?
Please explain Malachi 3:16. Book of Remembrance.
Where is it in the Bible that no man shall wear the title of reverend but the Lord.
What is the difference between the Olive Tree and the Olive branch?
Who was the Emporer of Rome when Jesus was Baptized?
Ezekiel 37: Does the reference to the vision of dry bones refer to the whole house of Isreal being saved in other words will all of their eyes be opened to except Christ as their Messiah?
What is the difference between speaking in tongues and a prayer language?
What is the name of the man in the Bible which had 12 fingers and 12 toes?
I would like to know whether part-taking of the "holy communion" is meant for both christians as well as for non-believers. If is not for non-believers, what will happen after taking it?
I have promised to give a faith offering to my church but till now I have not fulfilled it due to sickness. Is my sickness from God as a reminder or satan?
If God told a person that he is still with them, does it mean that he has forgiven a person of all their sins?
Why did Jesus weep?
What is Romans 7:19 about? (KJV), "For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do".
Did God intend that Adam and Eve would sin? Did he purposefully give us choice – knowing we would fall?
Where in the Bible does it say that ALL man is born a sinner because of Adam & Eve?
Does it say in the Bible a woman should only wear dresses?
Judges 11: Did God approve or authorized the killing of the man's daughter?
Is Judas Iscariot in hell?
How long was Daniel's fast?
1 Samuel 16:23 - Did God send the evil spirit?
Who said the Holy Spirit was a "He" (not "she")?
Where did Jesus' blood come from? Mary or the Holy Spirit?
What are the "Seven Deadly Sins?
Does the Bible speak of women pastors?
Are women suppossed to cover their head or hair?
Explain: It is appointed once for man to die after that judgement.
What does the fig tree signify in biblical terms?
How did Lot die?
What age Issac was when Abraham took him to be sacrificed?
Are there people in hell now?
Life expectancy: How long you should expect to live?
Does it say in the Bible about a rope being tied around a high priest's ankle?
The quick and the dead: What does this scripture mean?
Predestination? Please explain expand Revelation 17:8
When Paul said "Do not go beyond what is written", was he talking about both
Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?
Did Joshua go all the way up the mountain with Moses when Moses went up to see God?
Did Jesus have brothers or sisters? Did Mary and Joseph have other children after Jesus birth?
Born of the Spirit? John 3:5
How can we lose our "saltiness"? Matthew 5:13
Who called his wife a heifer?
Where did the diversity of human races begin according the Bible?
In Proverbs 25:21-22 and Romans 12:17-21 what does "heap coals of fire upon his head" refer to?
Was the rod Moses and Aaron have to perform the miracles of God the same one or did they each have their own?
What scripture can I claim for a new job?
Bible Stats: How many chapters are there in the Bible?
How old was Mary when she had Jesus and what scriptures refer to her age?
Life expectancy: when did God decide we where going to live to be 100 instead of 700 or 800 hundred and why, and what scriptures refer to that information?
Is there scripture that states that a child must be christened/baptized in order to enter into heaven?
How would you explain the Greek words "teleon" and "biblion" and "parousia"?
Jesus was the root of David as well as a direct descendant of David. Why didn't or did the Sadduccees and Pharisees recognize that Joseph was a descendant of King David's?
Who is the first man in the Bible to mention as receiving the word of the Lord?
Where does God instruct us to go for wisdom, and knowledge?
An Evangelist recently said the following on his TV program; God will not honor unspoken prayer requests - is this true?
Did Mary and Joseph have children? (besides Jesus)
Where is it in the Bible that says some thing like taking ones life is an unforgiveable sin & will not enter into Heaven?
Having been baptised newly in the Holy Spirit, have started speaking in tongues but its like the barest of "baby talk" will I ever progress further and how do I do so. Can the speaking of tongues die out in a person without constant use?
What country's shepherds went to sleep while on duty and let the flock get scattered?
Where in the bible does it talk about a rock shall talk and a log shall answer?
In the Bible who other than Samson never cut their hair?
If only God is omnipotent how can the Devil know our thoughts? Does this mean that some things should not be expressed outloud?
Is the phrase "this too shall pass" in the Bible?
What was the name of the building that Paul spoke in when he was on Mars Hill?
Does the Bible somewhere explain why Chinese people and African people and Irish descendents and Alaskan people all look so different?
What did Jesus mean when He said from the cross, "It is finished"?
What did Jesus do and where did He go during the three daysand nights in the heart of the earth after His death?
What are the qualifications of a church leader?
I've always heard that when Satan was cast out of heaven, he took 1/3 of the angels with him. Does the Bible actually say how many went with him, and if so, where?
In God's eyesight, what is a need?
As Christians, are we considered perfect?
Under the new covenent "Not under the Law" we are saved by God's Grace. Under the old covenent "Old Testment" "Under the law" how were God's people saved?
Looking for the scripture "I will never leave you, nor forsake you". Where can I find it in the Bible?
Whose child was Aaron’s spouse?
Where does the Bible tell us that when Jesus took our sins upon himself on the cross that he descended into hell and experienced hell during that time or is that an incorrect assumption by certain denominations?

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