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I am a teacher and I would like some help on how to explain The Holy Spirit to a group of 14-15 year olds. I have read many articles on this topic but have not come up with an explanation that my students will understand. Can you please help?
Can you give me an example of how to present the gift of the spirit "joy" predominately to youth and young adults for a service?
I am researching to teach my bible study. I am teaching on the topic of "How Can I believe in a God that I can't see?" Any suggestions?
How does the caveman and Cro Magnon man fit into the creation? They aren't in the timeline of the Bible.
I would like to know the meaning of the word Emmaus.
The other day I heard someone use the phrase: "I rebuke you Leviathan." Can you tell me where this name comes from and what it means?
What does Amen mean?
Why did God reject sacrifices in the old testament if they were unclean or touched by hands of the unclean (such as lepers etc.)?
Was the cross made of the dogwood tree? If so, where does it state this in the Bible?
It being tax time and all I was wondering why Paul says that all authority is of God and his will. My mind won't let me believe that Hitler was doing God's will.
What is does Servus Domini mean in English?
Did Judas go to heaven after he betrayed Jesus and then hung himself?
Why does God protect the Jews in the end times even through they haven't all accepted Christ? Do you have an answer?
My question this time is about the eternal nature of God. I have heard people illustrate the fact that God has no beginning and no end by using an example of a circle. How does this circle example really fit in the picture?
Who are the five major prophets in the Bible?
I would like history of the Bible from its begining till now.
Where in the Old Testament does it say that all living things have a soul/spirit?
why is it more powerful when two people pray together, or is it? I'm thinking of, "whenever two or more people agree in prayer, it will be done for them."
Will we recogonize each other in heaven?
I had a friend ask me what the Bible says on gambling and I could not seem to find scripture on this.
How do we know that Jesus was not married?
Why isn't the Holy Ghost called Lord?
Who wrote the Apostles Creed?
Why and how do we honor our parents? What about neglected and abused children?
Cain's Offering
Were any of the Apostles married besides Peter?
What tribe was given the task of being song leaders?
Where did Jesus' blood come from? Mary or the Holy Spirit?
Can anyone baptize anyone in water?
What age Issac was when Abraham took him to be sacrificed?
Does it say in the Bible about a rope being tied around a high priest's ankle?
When making a disciple, what exactly should we know? What exactly should we say to the person wanting to learn?
Much given: Is there a greater accountability for Christian leaders to correctly interpret the bible?
Did Jesus have brothers or sisters? Did Mary and Joseph have other children after Jesus birth?
How was the timing of Christ's birth determined? Do we know why He was born when He was?
Where did the diversity of human races begin according the Bible?
Why does God exist?
Was the rod Moses and Aaron have to perform the miracles of God the same one or did they each have their own?
Bible Stats: How many chapters are there in the Bible?
Did Mary and Joseph have children? (besides Jesus)
Is the phrase "this too shall pass" in the Bible?
What are the qualifications of a church leader?

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