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What does God say about dating when you are a Christian?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
Does it somewhere in the Bible about dating or marrying a person that is not the same race as the person looking?
Is there anywhere in the Bible that says its OK for a man to have more then one wife? There was a man with 2 wives on the morning show and he said it was ok because it was in the Bible.
Is it true that if you divorce your first husband that you are not to remarry him?
If a widowed Christian man marries a divorced woman, is he committing adultery? If yes, does he have to leave that divorced woman in order to stop committing adultery?
Can someone who is divorced be ordained in ministry?
Where in the Bible does it say how one should get married or how is it approved before God?
Is sexual promiscuity an illness or a sin?
I am a teenager. I am mature in my walk with God, but a girl I like isn't quite as mature. My dad says I can't ask her to date me. What does the Bible say about this?
What are biblical principles for a Christian wife divorcing her repeatedly unfaithful and verbally, emotionally, and at times physically assaulting unbelieving husband?
Is there scripture in the Bible that speaks about withholding sex your spouse?
Does the Bible ever say that God intended for man to be unmarried and worship Him with all our love?

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