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Do our loved pets go to Heaven?
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Does this mean whether a person is saved or not, or commits murder, etc. that they are still in Heaven since judgement hasn't happened. Are they with the Lord?
I need to know what the Bible says about cremation and where to find scripture regarding this issue.
Where in the bible does jesus say we will BURN in hell, and does he?
Is suicide listed in the Bible anywhere? If a young emotionally confused person commits suicide will they go to hell? Is this anywhere in the Bible?
Is it okay to pray that God will let your love one die?
I was taught that souls go straight to heaven or hell, but I feel that the souls of my loved ones are still around me. Could it be that souls stay on earth until that final judgment?
I don't beleive in purgatory, but I am unclear on what the meaning of fire is some scripture. for example in 1 corinthians 3:10-15
I was told that when Jesus was crucified he preached in hell until his resurrection. If this is true where can I find that in the Bible?
Did Judas go to heaven after he betrayed Jesus and then hung himself?
Will we recogonize each other in heaven?
Will we know one another in heaven; will we remember what was done on earth?
Who was the first person cremated in the Bible?
Do babies go to heaven?
Do you have to speak in tongues to get to heaven?
Is Judas Iscariot in hell?
Does the Bible speak of reincarnation?
Are there people in hell now?
Is there scripture that states that a child must be christened/baptized in order to enter into heaven?
Where is it in the Bible that says some thing like taking ones life is an unforgiveable sin & will not enter into Heaven?
Is there a second chance to be saved after death?
In the Bible one of the commandments are "Thou Shall Not Kill." My question is, if you kill someone, do you still think that you can go to Heaven, even if you ask God forgiveness.?

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