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I just want to find what the Bible says about cohabiting and the relevant scriptures that talks about cohabiting. is it wrong to cohabit even if you donít sleep together?
Is there anywhere in the bible where it says it is ok for women to be pastors. In 1Timothy 2:12 it says that women are NOT to teach to have authority over men: to what degree does this allow women to stand before the church and teach the Word?
How can you handle offences as a Christian?
Can you give me references on the responsibilities of parents?
At our Bible Study, last week, the question was asked, "Does the Bible say that God considers it a sin if we take an alcoholic drink, occassionally, to celebrate a special event?" Your help, please.
A woman I know always says that, "God is talking to her." The way she explains it is like a two-way conversation between her and God. Can this be true?
Are material things included in Gods promise of blessings and abundance? Many of my Christian brothers and sisters believe that their material prosperity is from God. They believe he has blessed them with abundance and it is proof of their salvation.
What scripture in the Bible says you must be a member of a church? What scripture in the Bible says you must give 10% of your income to the church?
Do you believe you can lose your salvation?
If a widowed Christian man marries a divorced woman, is he committing adultery? If yes, does he have to leave that divorced woman in order to stop committing adultery?
Can someone who is divorced be ordained in ministry?
Where in the Bible does it say how one should get married or how is it approved before God?
Can you lose your salvation once you get it and backslide?
If you are a believer and feel that you have already earned your salvation can you continue to sin and continue to be forgiven if confess your sin?
Does it say in the Old Testament somewhere "not to intermix ourselves but to remain with our own likeness?"
Can you give me some scriptures of encouragement...I've been in an abusive situation and people are calling me a liar.
Iím a Christian and I want to know how God and money relates. Is wrong to have money? If not what do you do to receive money from God?
I am a teenager. I am mature in my walk with God, but a girl I like isn't quite as mature. My dad says I can't ask her to date me. What does the Bible say about this?
I had a friend ask me what the Bible says on gambling and I could not seem to find scripture on this.
What does the bible say about eating, over eating and under eating?
What are biblical principles for a Christian wife divorcing her repeatedly unfaithful and verbally, emotionally, and at times physically assaulting unbelieving husband?
Why and how do we honor our parents? What about neglected and abused children?
I know we are to use discernment in fellowship, but how do we really know the truth?
Where is it in the Bible that no man shall wear the title of reverend but the Lord.
I need to find out how curses can be broken.
Does it say in the Bible a woman should only wear dresses?
Does the Bible ever say that God intended for man to be unmarried and worship Him with all our love?
The Bible says honor your parents and you will have long life. What about a person who died young by has always honored their parents?
What if my friend is drunk from alcohol when Jesus comes back?
Does the Bible speak of women pastors?
Are women suppossed to cover their head or hair?
When making a disciple, what exactly should we know? What exactly should we say to the person wanting to learn?
Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?
How can we lose our "saltiness"? Matthew 5:13
While praying, can the devil give you negative thoughts?
In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God left King Saul because of his disobedience to God. In the New Testament, will the Holy Spirit ever leave a born again Christian, and if so, under what circumstance(s)?
How do we know for sure God's will for our life? I have so many sermons about this I'm still confused.
An Evangelist recently said the following on his TV program; God will not honor unspoken prayer requests - is this true?
Does God desire his children to be separated from the things of this world?
Can God give us power to overcome sin in our lives?
Is it Gods will for Christians to live an exemplary life?
Can our good works bring favor with God to save us?
I have heard some Christians say that the devil can "peek" into your future and know whatís in store for you . . . is this accurate?
If only God is omnipotent how can the Devil know our thoughts? Does this mean that some things should not be expressed outloud?
In God's eyesight, what is a need?
As Christians, are we considered perfect?
Conviction - I don't feel like the Holy Spirit convicts me of my sins.

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