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I have been studying God's love for us and I just wanted to know if you had any material that could fully help me grasp onto the love that God has for me.
How do you overcome besetting sin?
I haven't spent much time at all with the lord because of laziness or being too busy. My question is does the Lord still have a plan in my life and am I delaying his time when he wants to use me for his purpose?
Can you give me some scriptures of encouragement...I've been in an abusive situation and people are calling me a liar.
My question this time is about the eternal nature of God. I have heard people illustrate the fact that God has no beginning and no end by using an example of a circle. How does this circle example really fit in the picture?
Why is Jesus called our "bridegroom"?
Help me overcome doubt.
Do babies go to heaven?
While praying, can the devil give you negative thoughts?

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