Is there anywhere in the bible where it says it is ok for women to be pastors. In 1Timothy 2:12 it says that women are NOT to teach to have authority over men: to what degree does this allow women to stand before the church and teach the Word?


This is a very hard one to defend since a lot is the context in which you determine different scriptures. Many believe that in Paul’s writings there was much disruption taking place in the early church over women finding a new found freedom in Christ and using it to challenge many things they found offensive in a male dominated society. In this context, some of his instruction to women might be understood differently than if he was talking in a very general sense.

The best answer I ever heard regarding this subject was from the great evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. She was publicly confronted on this issue and both criticized and condemned for taking a very active and out front role in her evangelistic work as a female pastor. Of course, anyone knowing of Kathryn Kuhlman could attest the tremendous anointing she had in both healing ministry and seeing souls won for Christ.

Rather than confront her male critic head on or debate scripture, she simply said, “You are probably right, God most likely called a man to fill this position. For whatever reason, this person refused so God saw fit to use the “least of us” for His glory and called upon me!”

The man quietly sat down 🙂