Spiritual Gifts Profile with DISC Personality Overview

Spiritual Gifts Inventory with DISC Personality

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The profile is unique in that the focus is not only in assessing spiritual gifting, but also in finding ways to use the gifting to assist in practical, hands-on service and ministry. Twenty gifts are assessed along with four motivational factors based on the DISC behavioral system. Once the gifting and motivation are clearly determined, over 300 possible areas of service are listed to help individuals find an area where they can serve in their church.

Applications for Churches and Organizations:

  • By utilizing this unique assessment, churches will help individuals identify their Spiritual gifting and natural motivation in order to recognize and develop the potential of every church member.
  • Retain members – attenders that are actively “plugged in” feel needed.
  • Empower church members – when gifting and motivation are identified, roles can easily be defined for members who have been inactive in the past.
  • Active church members are more likely to invite friends and family to church.
  • Effectively use volunteers to reduce staffing expenses and overhead. Find qualified volunteers to do jobs previously delegated to staff.
  • Improve congregational and staff relationships through understanding of individual’s personality and behavioral styles.
  • Create synergy around projects with motivated and able individuals.
  • Help your busy church members by eliminating their frustration of “miscasting” them in the wrong areas of service for them.

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This 24-page workbook will aid in determining your Spiritual Gifting and help you to find areas for service within your church body. 

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