How does the caveman and Cro Magnon man fit into the creation? They aren’t in the timeline of the Bible.

Most theologians debate this point, so I will give you both views…

  1. The simplest explanation, and the viewpoint by many theologians, is that the scientific method is very flawed in the dating of these bones and findings and they are really people who walked the earth much like you or I. They are not millions of years old but thousands of years old. These theologians also generally consider the changes that took place during the Great Flood of Noah so catastrophic that they literally changed history and the very fabric of the earth we live in. Mountains were moved and flood waters sprung up from the earth itself as well as the Heavens giving up all their moisture. The environment changed forever. Therefore some of the methods scientists use for even determining the age of mountains, rivers, etc is flawed.
  2. The second, more complex theory, is the existence of a pre-Adamite civilization (before Adam and Eve were created) that had some of the characteristics of man but were not made in God’s image as Adam and Eve were. Some theologians think this is blasphemous, but many believe it is Biblical and there are some key scriptures that cannot be disregarded. Being brief…It has to do with the possibility of being a large gap in time between Genesis 1:1 where God initially created the Heaven and Earth and Genesis 1:2. where we find the earth in a formless, dark, chaotic state. Many believe there was a large gap in time and that the Earth was created in beauty and was plunged into darkness when Lucifer was thrown from heaven. Verses in Isaiah and Ezekiel talk about the beauty of the earth before Lucifer’s fall. Further evidence comes from the command in Genesis 1:28 to “replenish the earth” as if there were once something or someone (in some form) here before Adam and Eve. Theologians that accept this pre-adamite view believe many of the remains we find dated back to millions of years were in fact part of this “kingdom” that saw Lucifer fall and these were not people created in God’s image. It is interesting to note that NO DNA ever extracted from any of these ancient people correctly match human DNA because it is different DNA. We are the only creatures that contain God’s DNA. Even the ancient dinosaurs (again that could have been part of this pre-adamite civilization) DO match DNA with current animals of other types and are related, because the one true NEW creation was man in God’s image. We were a totally new creation that does not have a lineage back to cro-magnon or the caveman.

The important thing is to know that there are several explanations that are Biblically based that contradict this thought of evolution from apes, cro-magnon, etc.

If you really want to get into a good study of the pre-adamite civilization you could buy a Dake’s reference Bible at any good Christian book store. Phineas Dake spent a lifetime studying scripture and he gives reference scriptures to support his beliefs in a pre-adamite civilization. Some of the web sites talking about this are good but get a bit carried away and add some other things that are questionable.

I hope you can use this to answer the questions that are directed to you, and if all else fails you can resort to “I am sure the Lord will reveal that to us someday in Heaven. The Bible does not give us every answer to every question, but it is the only Word we need to make it to Heaven. After all, The Bible is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

Hope this helped, I could spend weeks going into some of this theology but that is it in a nutshell J

Pastor Brad