What is the difference between “soul” and “spirit”? Are they the same thing? Are the terms used interchangeably or is there a difference? Do animals have a soul? Thank you.

Good question –

Body – the 5 senses and all that goes with the flesh. This is how we touch the physical world

Soul – the seat of our emotions, temperament, and intellect. Our feelings, etc. This is how we are touched intellectually and emotionally. The soul is almost like an insulation layer between the physical and spiritual, because it is here where we make the conscience decision whether to serve God (Spirit) or the World (flesh)

Spirit – our inner most being that is how we connect with the supernatural spirit world. It is how God connects with us and it is the only part of us that is instantaneously made perfect the moment we ask Jesus to come into our heart. That is why even after receiving Christ we sometimes struggle with emotional and physical issues, because they are separate from the spirit.

It is true that often sprit and soul are used interchangeably while they are really not technically the same thing. Both do go to Heaven with us when we depart our earthly body and both are eternal.

Animals have a soul since they have certain intellect and emotions, but they do not have spirit in the same way man does. It is why God said about man…Ge 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness

We were created with a spirit after God’s own image that He can have intimacy with.