An Evangelist recently said the following on his TV program; God will not honor unspoken prayer requests – is this true?


First, it depends on what you consider unspoken prayer requests. It could mean someone raising their hand in church or otherwise saying they have an unspoken prayer request. I do believe God honors those because many times it is best not to tell publically what the prayer request is. Being a pastor, I have heard many prayer requests and sometimes I think to myself, it would have been better to simply signify an unspoken need rather than go into great detail about the sins someone is committing or the all too vivid description of something that should rather be left private.

The second type of unspoken prayer request is when a need or want is not expressed at all. I think whether God answers this is all a matter of the heart. For example:

One God would not – where the reason for not speaking the prayer request is out of pride or refusal to come to God in prayer

One God would – I know many very humble and saintly people who do not pray for their own healing, etc because they are too busy praying for everyone elses needs.

I leave you with this…if God never answers and unspoken prayer request, then why was He loving enough to send His Son to die for us when we didn’t know enough to even ask for this.  🙂

Pastor Brad