Did God intend that Adam and Eve would sin? Did he purposefully give us choice – knowing we would fall?


Adam and Eve could do anything they wanted and they lived in a perfect world; no disease, no pain, only constant communion with God and each other and having total dominion over everything. They could live forever in the perfect world if they only obeyed one command – do not eat of the fruit of this one tree. God made it so easy for them, and only asked for one things to show their faith and obedience to God.

Think if God turned the whole world over to you and gave you everything you could possibly want and then some, and He walked with you daily, and He gave you the perfect mate. In exchange He said, “Don’t drive your car over 100 miles an hour on Sundays (or some other thing you probably wouldn’t do anyway). Do you think you would give up everything you had and the relationship with God to do this one thing that you knew would displease God so much?  That is what Adam and Eve did…they didn’t lack any food or have any want…but they wanted to do what God told them not to.

God made it easy for them – they failed.

God decided to make it easy for us…and sent His Son to die in our place and pay for the sin we could not pay for. And He makes it so simple all we have to do is say YES to Jesus. It is sad to think that many today are still like Adam and Eve and cannot commit to something that God did for us and set us up to be victorious at.

Does that make sense?

Pastor Brad