Where did Jesus’ blood come from? Mary or the Holy Spirit?


You challenged me on this one…it took some prayer and studying to get your answer…

To understand the answer, you have to think back all the way to the tabernacle and the temple where inside the Holy of Holies sat the ark of the covenant and the “mercy seat”. The mercy seat was symbolic of the mercy imparted to us through Jesus Christ, for on this mercy seats the priest had to once a year cover it with blood symbolizing the sacrifice Jesus was to make for us to cover our sins and grant us mercy.

The mercy seat itself was made of wood overlaid with pure gold. There was a reason for this…to symbolize the human nature Christ would take (wood) while always having His Divine and eternal qualities as the Son of God (the pure gold). Without Christ coming and taking on the form of a man he could not be our sacrifice, and without His Divine attributes He could not wholly once and for all pay a debt so great.

The analogy is true in the question you ask…Jesus Christ obviously had some of Mary’s blood going through Him in the womb. He took on the humble being of being born of human flesh, so He did have some of Mary’s blood…but it stops there!

Jesus very DNA was not of Mary or of Joseph but of His Father in Heaven!  His DNA was Divine, which made every other part of His being Divine while still being human in appearance and form.

His very blood was much like the mercy seat…human in one form, Divine in another. Interesting enough, as it was shed on Calvary’s cross it contained our own weaknesses and His Divinity. Just like the mercy seat made of wood (some believe it was the same wood the cross was made of) and overlaid with pure gold, here was an ugly cross covered in pure Divinity.

One last thought…some would say it couldn’t be Mary’s blood in Christ because it would dilute the power of the blood. On the contrary, when Christ came in contact with the diseased they became whole…they took on His nature and not the other way around. Praise God that when Christ meets darkness it becomes light, when He meets disease it becomes healing, when He meets weakness it becomes strength, when He meets impurity it becomes righteousness and holy!

2 Corinthians 5:17  Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.