I would like to purchase more credits. How do I do this?

Thank you for your request.

www.theHolySpirit.com is an online ministry that has been completely developed through donated time. My father, who is now 83 years old, has spent his life studying scriptures and sharing the beauty of the Holy Spirit to all those faithful Believers who would listen. A good friend, Deanna, did the site itself and the Spiritual Gifts Assessment (and some of the lesson plans) was developed by yours truly.

We do hope and encourage that those who like it will go to www.DISCinsights.com (or call 1-800-779-3472 and talk to a live person) and order additional materials. www.DISCinsights.com is run by the Institute for Motivational Living, a Christian publishing company that has great materials for personal development or for church and ministry.

Every purchase made earns theHolySpirit.com dollars for more online advertising. We are currently being accessed by over 1,000 people daily from around the world.

So, call 1-800-779-3472 or go to DISCinsights.com – they even have a paper and pencil version of the Spiritual Gifts Assessment plus much more. Most of all pray for us, and that our site will continue to bring the power and poise of the Holy Spirit to all those who are seeking.

Pastor Brad