Are material things included in Gods promise of blessings and abundance? Many of my Christian brothers and sisters believe that their material prosperity is from God. They believe he has blessed them with abundance and it is proof of their salvation.

A very wise and Godly man once told me, “If you can’t preach a message everywhere in the world then it probably isn’t God’s true message!”

You can preach that Jesus Christ loves everyone so much that He died for them, and that with His glorious resurrection we have a blessed hope that if we believe on Him we can one day be part of the eternal kingdom and inheritance he has for us.

You cannot preach to someone in Ethiopia or Afghanistan that if you accept Jesus Christ you will be blessed with financial prosperity.

It is interesting how far from the truth and the Bible we have gotten. In the early church, the apostles didn’t feel like they were truly worthy to be called disciples unless they were daily facing persecution and facing martyrdom. Paul wore his stripes from beatings like medals he got from serving Christ!

There are many instances where God does bless abundantly, and Davis says he has never seen the righteous begging in the streets. But God mostly blesses those who He knows He can trust…and who will be good stewards and not look for personal gain.

If someone needs money and material wealth as “proof” of their salvation then they are serving a different God than I am!