Who named the Bible “The Bible”?

Today when we purchase a Bible, we receive one book. But if we open that book, we will find lists of the books of the Old Testament and of the New Testament. We will find there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, a total of 66 books. This is to say that we are really buying a library between two covers. When we go on to investigate this library a little more closely, we find that the writing of it spreads over at least 1,000 years and that its books were written all over the ancient world from distant Babylon to Rome. In the ancient world, literary works were written on rolls or scrolls. The book form, called Codex, did not emerge until around the second century A.D. The Old Testament books were written on skins. The New Testament books were originally written on papyrus. Papyrus was made from the papyrus reed called a bulrush.

Bilbus or bulbos is the Greek word from which our word Bible comes. Biblos originally was the word for the papyrus bulrush itself; it then became the word for the papyrus writing material made from that bulrush; it then went on to mean a roll of papyrus; and finally it came to mean a book.

The work biblia was then coined to describe little books, and since the Scriptures are essentially that—a collection of little books—the word Bible was used to describe them.

Pastor Brad