My question this time is about the eternal nature of God. I have heard people illustrate the fact that God has no beginning and no end by using an example of a circle. How does this circle example really fit in the picture?


A circle is often used to symbolize infinity or eternity since there is no beginning or end. To me that probably doesn’t give true meaning to the eternal nature of God either…for it is so much greater than that.

Imagine that God had to invent time so that we would have a way of recording events and happenings, which before there were galaxies, before there was even time itself there was God. It is really mind boggling.

My background is in engineering (originally) and I love science, so one day a friend gave me a book entitled Beyond the Cosmos by Hugh Ross, Ph.D.  If you have the chance to ever get it from Amazon then get it!  Anyway, in the book it states that we live in 4 dimensions here on earth – width, height, length and time. Einstein went on to describe additional dimensions that exist somewhere in space and some mathematicians believe there may be 11 dimensions in all (you would have to read the book to appreciate this). So, the book goes on to say that God would have to exist in at least 12 dimensions because no matter how many dimensions we can describe or even imagine God goes one beyond that.

I have often thought of God as having a wonderful coat He wears and it is decorated (like glitter or sequins on a garment) by all the billions of stars out there. God is really that big!  But the most amazing thing is He can sit down beside you and hold you hand through the most difficult times.

Kind of blows your mind that He could do that, and even more that He WANTS to do that for us!

Praise God!
Pastor Brad