Why is the sixth hour so important when Jesus waited for the women at the well?


It was very significant. The 6th hour would have been noon in Jewish custom. All other women would have come out very early in the morning to avoid the heat, and to join in normal socialization. The fact this woman came out at noon indicates her avoidance of others, most likely because she was under great condemnation and guilt. She was not a part of society and did not consider herself worthy to be a part of common activities, much less to have the Messiah visit her.

It makes it all that much more interesting how this woman, once she met the Savior, was able to boldly go back into the town and preach the gospel (bringing the whole town back to Jesus) while the 12 disciples did not return with a single person.

Often those who are forgiven much are most likely the ones to also love the Lord the most and want to share their new found friend.  🙂