It being tax time and all I was wondering why Paul says that all authority is of God and his will. My mind won’t let me believe that Hitler was doing God’s will.


That is a very difficult question, one that theologians have disputed down through the ages. I wish I could give you a definitive answer.

I tend to side with this rendering of the command to be in submission, that we should try to unless it violates other direct laws of the Bible. Some of the things you mention come close to that, so I can only say that one must pray and let the Holy Spirit guide your conscience as to what designates that line. Here is from one of my trusted commentaries commenting on Romans 13.

(5.) There were cases where it was right to resist the laws. This the Christian religion clearly taught; and, in cases like these, it was indispensable for Christians to take a stand. When the laws interfered with the rights of conscience; when they commanded the worship of idols, or any moral wrong, then it was their duty to refuse submission. Yet, in what cases this was to be done, where the line was to be drawn, was a question of deep importance, and one which was not easily settled. It is quite probable, however, that the main danger was, that the early Christians would err in refusing submission, even when it was proper, rather than in undue conformity to idolatrous rites and ceremonies.

Pastor Brad