I have been told that the Catholic church uses the King James version of the Bible, but also has another book that has chapters that were supposed to have been taken out of the “original” King James version. Is this true?

This is from another reference but I believe it is accurate:

The Old Testament in Catholic Bibles contains seven more books than are found in Protestant Bibles (46 and 39, respectively). Protestants call these seven books the Apocrypha and Catholics know them as the deuterocanonical books. These seven books are: Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (or, Sirach), and Baruch. Also, Catholic Bibles contain an additional six chapters (107 verses) in the book of Esther and another three in the book of Daniel (174 verses). These books and chapters were found in Bible manuscripts in Greek only, and were not part of the Hebrew Canon of the Old Testament, as determined by the Jews.

A lot of time can be spent trying to study all the pro’s and con’s of these sections, but to sum it up they do not meet the same criteria that was upheld for the rest of scriptures. The generally do not change any of the meaning of the rest of scripture, but are a little less likely to be part of what was Divinely given.