Who Are You? What is Your Background and Doctrine?

My father, Paul Smith, has studied the Word for the last 50+ years (he is now 83), specifically as scripture relates to the Holy Spirit. He has ministered in many churches over the years of all different denominations leading Believers and even other pastors into the fullness of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I am an ordained minister, originally with the Assemblies of God, now working more with independent Pentecostal churches and I also serve as a pastor in an inner city multicultural church. I also run a Christian publishing company that supplies missionaries and Christian business people with materials throughout the world.

All of our answers are Biblically based, and as Paul encouraged those of Berea to also check the scriptures for themselves, we always want our readers to test all of our answers against the Word. We intend never to supply an answer that does not align with God’s Word. We are fallible but God’s Word is not!