When will Jesus come back?

In response to when God will come, it may seem like I overly simplified the answer to your question – but you know how God works. Sometimes only simple, child like answers and faith can lead to profound answers because He designed it that way.

I have always considered the possibility that His return or Second coming is not so much based on time as we think but on events that will usher in His return. I demonstrated one night to my daughter…we put a bag of popcorn microwave in our Amana Radarange and started nuking the popcorn. At first nothing happened but then it started, one pop after another. Then, it began to pop more and more furiously until the bag was ready to explode. We still left it in a bit longer until the popping started slowing back down and we knew it was time to take it out!

Jesus said that He would pour out His Spirit in those last days and that it was His will that none should be lost. He also promised the gospel would be preached in all the world. We know all these things are taking place right now and God’s kingdom is growing and expanding just as fast as that microwave bag of popcorn did. It is coming to fruition and I believe God will not come to take His church out until He knows that as many as will receive have. I also truly believe that we have not seen the fulfillment of His Spirit poured out yet but it is close. Would you believe that even from our site we get over 5,000 people a week from all over the world writing wanting to know more about the Holy Spirit? Now that has to be God!

Matthew 24 is a good Chapter for you to read. All the sign posts are already there, the bag of popcorn may be fuller than any of us realize! All I know is that I want to be full and buttered up with the anointing of the Holy Spirit when He comes, not one of the useless unpopped kernels that will serve the master no purpose at all.

Pastor Brad